January 19, 2014

do i dare write a new page
opening myself up to
emotions unsure swelling
to my hands that could
surely count the hours
we have only spent together
without repeating a finger
every inch you step closer
betrays me to believe otherwise

yet i step inches closer to 
reach for your arms, your hands
it never matters where as long
as you noticed and i would always
apologize but never mean it
then tonight i sit here puzzled
with a new page written
already full of you

December 2, 2013

while the sky is
still painted with
intense reds scattered
between strikes of
clouds may i settle
in with the fog on
to the unkept bermuda
grass on your lawn
until i turn to the dew
seeping slowly into you

November 23, 2013

keep your doors closed
bolt and lock them
secure every window
you can never tell who
would come as you
sleep soundly with
your innocence to
take away without alarm
every thing you hold
valuable in life

like the man who
drank too much
be it coffee or 
alcohol he drank
aimlessly, bottoms up
driving your sanity
into a frenzy out 
your unhinged door

like the man who
smoked too much
his lungs black
as the sky above him
every one ran from
coughing and spitting
and he could only wish
to chase after them

like the man who
you promised not to turn into
in bellowing commands
he awaits for troops to arrive
realizing there is no one else
turns to you and shakes out
every dream you held on 
to until the warmth has left
your body to be replaced
by the cold of his touch
a venom that locks the door
in and alone you are with him

November 23, 2013

i want to be the pen
that has stood
too long on one
end in your pocket
kept to be forgotten
until my insides spill
and ruin every fabric 
hiding your skin
from my touch

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November 19, 2013

it was impossible to
forget the lines and
shadows painted on
your dear face as the
candle flickered over
our dinner table
playing with the shades
of red on your lips that
i keep yearning for
every ticking second

yet your voice that
could shame wine
glasses singing is
long lost along with
broken shards scattered
throughout memories
all i fear to touch with
brittle hands that
let you slip away

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November 18, 2013

Forget the subtlety
Under my cold skin
Chills quickly run up
Kissing my neck
Yearning to reach
Out through my lips
Unkind words

November 18, 2013

You file past lovers
In your rib cages as if
They have not already
Defiled your body

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